VCU is a procedure that certificates the management system of temporary employment agencies.

It is for the companies that, by transferring hierarchy and control, provide temporary workers and second staff to user companies, in industrial environments.



On human side: the worker is easily integrated and benefits of all this safety procedure.

On financial side: safety in work avoids risks of accidents. This is a benefit for our clients.

- Guarantee: our clients can insure to their own clients to be working with a temporary employement agency that not only respects the safety standards but work with them everyday.



Eurohuman is member of “APESPE”, “Provedor da Ética Empresarial e do Trabalho Temporário”, and of “CIETT”.



Eurohuman was recognized by APESPE and ACT while participating to the campaign of: “Good practices in seconding and accommodating temporary workers, in the fields of health, hygiene and safety in work, but also to have demonstrated clearly and objectively that these efforts keep going on”.

certificação eurohuman
Alvará nº623/08
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