We carry out the insulation of works and industrial elements:

- Hot thermal insulation,

- Cold thermal insulation,

- Hot/cold cyclic,

- Anti-condensation,

- Acoustic insulation.

Application of all kind of insulation: fibrous insulation, cellular, bonded insulating material, elastomeric, high temperature ceramic fibre, aerogel, blanket... with all kind of mechanical protections (from aluminium to stainless steel 316) and non mechanical protections (elastomeric, polyester, PVC, coated fabrics...).

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Put up, take delivery and disassembly of all kind of scaffoldings:

- Fixed or hanged up scaffoldings,
- Complete confining.

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Our skills cover all kind of coatings regardless of the needs of our customers: 

- Anti-corrosive coatings,

- Industrial paintings for steel and concrete,

- Coatings of industrial road surfaces,

- Industrial coating of buildings.

Nuclear maintenance, works in confinement, maintenance off-shore, industrial buildings…

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Fire delayers coatings:
- Coating based in hydraulic binder.
- Coating based in organic binder.

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Application of division systems in order to prevent fire, solutions of structure protection allowing to delay the cracks in the concrete or the steel collapse.

- Fire stop panels,

- Fire stop mortars,

- Fire stop seals,

- Compensators,

- Injection of fire stop silicone moss.

The techniques for coatings and protection systems are based on:

- Light cement,

- Resin,

- Precast panels.

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