(Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of European parliament and of the council of April the 27th 2016.)

The new general data protection regulation was adopted on 5 may 2018, in all the EU member states.

At EUROHUMAN, SOCIEDADE DE TRABALHO TEMPORÁRIO, S.A., we value and lay great emphasis to the trust you placed in us, and then we ensure that your personal data are protected and treated with total confidentiality.

The personal data processing allows us to provide services that, from our point of view, are the most suitable for each client’s goals and profile.

This privacy policy sets the way EUROHUMAN, SOCIEDADE DE TRABALHO TEMPORÁRIO, S.A. uses your personal data, and is composed by the following points:

Personal data processing manager

The CEO of EUROHUMAN, SOCIEDADE DE TRABALHO TEMPORÁRIO, S.A., Helder Emmanuel Dos Reis Miguel is responsible for handling your personal data.

Personal data collection

Your personal data are collected in the answers of our recruitment advertisings and / or in your spontaneous applications, given on paper or sent by e-mail.

Purposes and reasons that justify the use of your personal data:

Your personal data can be collected / used by this company, whenever it is needed, and those data are used to analyse if the applicants are suitable for the job the client is asking for. The data collected in the registration form are very important for the candidate selection analysis, which would affect the effectiveness and the results if those data were not given. The data can be used by the company for the following reasons:

  • Administrative management;
  • Calculation and payments of the remuneration, benefits and subsidies;
  • Calculation of tax at source like required or optional contributions, in accordance with legislation;
  • The execution of a court order, and also for processing requests from the workers;
  • Processing other matters concerning payments, and possible benefits or contributions.

What are the data collected?

In the context of HR management, the company could collect and process the personal data including the originals and the photocopies of the personal documents, corresponding to the following categories:

  • Curriculum Vitae up to date and the registration form duly completed and signed;
  • Personal ID: valid ID documents (residence card, citizen card, passport, tax number, national social security number, driving licence, European health card, birth certificate, proof of address, IBAN receipt, vaccination report, criminal record, picture, or other necessary things to the admission of a worker).
  • Family situation: civil status of dependant people, the worker level of disability or the one of a family member, duly justified by a medical certificate (if necessary).
  • Information concerning professional activity: school level certificate given by the educational institution in question, professional training certificate, certificate enrolment in the professional organization (when it is necessary);
  • Other data necessary for the job, like coat, trousers and shoes sizes (for PPE);
  • All the informations included in the point nº 2 of article nº 21 of D.L. nº 273/2003, of 29 october, needed for the contracting company, which are given or which use is authorized for the user company, when working on sites during at least 24 hours, in or out of the national territory.

How do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data are safe, kept in digital support, and it can be accessed only with a password, by qualified workers or with an authorization for the treatment of the data, including those who work linked to the HR management. Those data can also be kept in paper, archived and which access is restricted to the qualified and authorized workers in order to process the data listed above.

How long do we keep your personal data?

  • The personal data of the candidates who do not pass de admission are kept by the company for one year, in case of a future admission. After that, the data are destroyed.
  • For administrative purposes concerning workers who have been admitted, the data can be kept for one year after the termination of employment contract.
  • For matters related to payments or additional contributions, data can be kept for a maximum of ten years after the termination of employment contract.
  • For matters related to audits and taxation concerning HR, data can be kept for five to ten years (upper limit) after the termination of employment contract.

With whom we can share your personal data?

Your data can be used for:

  • Public or private bodies to which we must provide those informations, due to legal obligation, including: ACT, SEF, courts, bailiff, IEFP, GEP, amongst others, or upon request of data owners;
  • Approved training bodies;
  • Financial bodies that manage the accounts of the company responsible for the payments of workers;
  • Organizations responsible for pension fund management of social security;
  • Travel agencies with whom the company has an agreement for booking flight tickets or car tickets;
  • Renting car agencies with whom the company has an agreement to make car bookings (for the driver);
  • The accountancy centre, when sending the HR files (TSU, DMR), due to legal obligation;
  • The IT company with whom the company has an agreement, in order to make the management of the software and hardware;
  • The customers who have an agreement with EUROHUMAN, SOCIEDADE DE TRABALHO TEMPORÁRIO, S.A., according to the needs and / or team requests.

Your right of protection, rectification or removal of your personal data:

According to law, workers can exercise the rights of access or opposition.

The rights above may be enforced by e-mail: or registered letter to:


Rua São João de Deus, nº 19, Loja B


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